TOPOS seeks the best heads for your company.

Direct search, management audits, international network, media agency - foreign words to you? Then we speak your language! For TOPOS, this is not only about communicating but UNDERSTANDING. We look behind the scenes and read between the lines in order to find the most suitable head for you and your company. As head hunters, we don’t HUNT heads; we FIND them. For we know where to look and how to convince them. We have a method which we have successfully used for more than 20 years and that we would be happy to personally explain to you in greater detail. We guarantee that it works.

Direct search

Creative, unusual or just the decisive detail: we always find the best head for your company.

The successful and reliable work of managers and specialists is crucial to the success of your company. But the market is changing; the world is turning faster than before. Demographic change and increased competition are making their mark, also internationally. The search for and selection of suitable candidates is becoming increasingly challenging. Our mission is to maintain an open communication between you as our client and us as your consultant, as well as continuous coordination during the search process. In this way, we challenge both you and ourselves, and our success proves us right. Not only will you be informed about the current state of affairs, but you will also gain a view of your business from the market perspective as well as from the potential candidates themselves.

Management audits

Another foreign word. This is about the efficient use of management resources within your company and also about the strategy of letting every employee do what he or she does best, so that your company will always remain successful and you can achieve or even exceed the objectives of your annual planning. The necessary basis: recognizing your key players and their available potential. In the next step, operational areas and tasks have to be compared with employee qualifications and willingness. Not only once, but again and again. Employees change and develop; individual development measures have to be defined so that burnout and boreout remain foreign words in your company.

How does our management audit work? We provide you with practice-proven tools that will help you to evaluate your management team in a quick and reliable way. The most important part of this process is a competent team of diagnosticians and practitioners. This team questions, reviews, evaluates, and prepares an analysis. Our consultants follow a professional and process-oriented approach: industry expertise and the use of science-based tools are as important as the customization of the entire process to the requirements and needs of your business. This is done in order to avoid talking at cross purposes. Transparent and fair communication with the candidates is particularly important here. Respect and acceptance are the keys to gaining the trust of your employees in us and in the audit process.

Our common goal: the perfect solution for your management team.

Advertisement Search

In addition to the direct search with our TOPOS media agency, we also offer the option of creating online and printed job advertisements on your behalf. As a result, you can remain anonymous and the entire handling of incoming applications stays in the same hands – in ours. Please click here to see a selection of our latest advertisement-based personnel searches.

International network

As an exclusive partner of IESF (International Executive Search Federation), we provide professional and reliable support for the recruitment of managers all over the world. IESF is a cooperation of leading independent personnel consultancies in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. With more than 120 partners, it is number one among the international networks in the field of executive search. It is always your decision whether we direct the project from our German office, or you work with one of our on-site partners, or we tailor the project organization to your special needs and requirements. The filling of management positions at the international level is always guaranteed through consistent quality and professionalism, as well as our longstanding relations to our partners.

IESF - International Executive Search Federation

Media agency

Our media agency is perfectly suited to tailor or customize your print and online advertisements. We advise you on the options as well as on the costs and benefits of various implementation possibilities. We realize your online advertisements in high-profile Internet job portals as rapidly and professionally as your printed advertisements in national newspapers or international trade journals.

Our services include the creation of media strategies, layout and the optional handling of the job applications received. Upon request, we would be happy to undertake an additional pre-selection for you.

Coachings and seminars

Managers are the Olympic athletes of business. This means that they can only develop their full abilities and skills with a coach and sparring partner. Different scenarios need individual solutions. Integration into new professional environment, leadership challenges, crisis/conflicts and personal development are defiances in which we do offer pragmatic support. In front of a comprehensive analysis we develop individual courses of action with you.

Nevertheless managers are also team athletes as well. The right line-up and guidance for their teams is decisive for success or failure. We offer innovative seminars which are tailor-made to you company’s individual needs in regard to e.g. staff selection and leadership.

Coachings and seminars are imparting extensive knowledge in regard to personality structures and their behavioral repertoire as well as the application of this knowledge in specific situations of professional everyday life. Therefore you will receive the right training to make your team a winner!

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